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Choosing your design the way you want.

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A company with a different approach to web design and development that will allow you to get your site how you want it.

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My passion is producing quality for my clients, for something they will love and their own clients will love.

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Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Since Starting in 201, Capital Web Development have designed and built 100s websites including websites for a range of businesses from small startups to large e-commerce sites located in the UK and as far away as Australia!

We are happy to design to your specification using your branding and content, with your involvement you at every step of the process ensuring you are 100% happy with the finished project.

All our websites are built following a mobile first approach meaning they will render perfectly on any mobile device and additionally we follow best practices in terms of accessibility standards (W3C) which ensures those with a disability are able to use your site. Every website we build is built to be Google friendly with basic SEO and submission and this includes carefully testing and re-testing each website prior to launching.

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12 years of experience

Years of experience mean we can provide the best to you.

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Following best practices in terms of SEO means you will be found easier by potential clients.


Ensuring certain standards are met mean your site is accessible by those with a disability, particularly with a visual impairment.